ChangeLog :

V1.36 (2022/12/24) :

###) The game will now use the “application specific” folder to save its files:

Previous versions of the game stored game saves in the “UBoatSimulator” folder created in the root of the sdcard, to keep these files available even when uninstalling the game.
This was enabled by requiring the standard read and write permissions, up to Android 11.
Starting from Android 12 this is no longer allowed, I should request an extra permission to write to the root of the sdcard, it’s not worth it…
Therefore I modified the code to store the game saves in the “application specific” folder, an area of the sdcard where any app can freely read and write its files.
As some players may have saved custom games or missions in the old “UBoatSimulator” folder, the app now tries to copy these files into its new “Application Specific” folder, in order not to lose them.
This “copy” procedure should work on all devices with Android version <= 11.

V1.35 (2019/02/02) :

###) Cheats added in the options screen:
Infinite Oxygen, Infinite Battery and INVULNERABILITY !!

These 3 new options permit to play more easily, without worring about oxygen, battery consumption or your submarine’s healt !!
I suggest to enable them only if you find this game too difficult or you want to make some tests…


V1.34 (2019/01/24) :

###) Bug fix for Android 9 :
Now the game should work with all Android versions !

A bug was preventing the game to run on last devices with Android 9, there was a problem with a library used to check the license of the app.

I still hope to be able to go on with the development in the next months (very little free time as usual), there are still a lot of new features to add, some tutorials, improve graphics, etc. 🙂

V1.33 (2018/06/11) :

###) Bug fix for Android 6-7-8 :
Now the game should work with all Android versions !

Some bugs were preventing the game to run on last devices with Android 6-7-8, expecially when the app was installed for the first time. There was a problem with the sdcard permissions, now on new devices it is needed to ask for them also when the app is executed, not only when it is installed.

And with Android 8 there was also an other problem with the graphics (black screen), now it should be OK !

I hope to be able to go on with the development in the next months (very little free time as usual), there are still a lot of new features to add, some tutorials, improve graphics, etc. 🙂

V1.32 (2015/05/18) :

###) MISSIONS AVAILABLE (only for Full version) :
Missions are short games, very useful when you want to learn how to play this game or when you want to enjoy with already defined ships’configurations.
A mission ends with success when all the enemy ships are destroyed, or it ends with a failure if the enemies exit from the map or if your submarine is destroyed.
Some simple missions are already include inside the app and when it is started they are copied in the “UBoatSimulator/Missions” folder of the device.
Use the button “New Mission” to start or restart a mission, or the button “Load Game” to continue a previously saved mission (as you do with standard games).
Missions are created using text files (stored in the UBoatSimulator/Missions folder of your device) and if you want you can modify them !!
Just remember to save them with a new name because they are always overwritten when the app starts.
I have create a section in the forum where to store new missions, at this address :

Missions Repository

As soon as possible I will add there other missions, but if you want you can create your missions and post them in the forum for all users, your missions will be welcome !
When a mission is loaded in the game, errors are written in the file “Missions.txt” in the “UBoatSimulator/Logs” folder of your device, check there if your missions don’t work.

IMPORTANT: before loading the missions, please save your game because standard games and missions use the same memory.
If your are playing a game and don’t save it with a name, when you will start a mission you will loose your game progress.
(It is like when you play and you want to start a new game, you save the game with a name to not loose your progress.)
In the forum I put a short description of the command and parameters used to create a mission, so you can create your missions and if you want you can share them on the forum for all users.
As soon as possible I will write a better explanation of the commands, and a description of how to create convoys.
In the next days I will prepare other missions 😀

###) Bug fix for torpedoes reload :
First, thanks to Dale who reported this bug and sent me the saved game file, it helped me to find this bug using the debugger.
When moving external torpedoes inside the u-boat, the external reserve decreased from 100% to 0% but the internal reserve increased from 0% to 99.99825%, for a math problem, not on all devices.
It caused the external torpedo movement to never be completed and denied the u-boat to dive or to link with the transporter.
It should be ok now.

###) The transporter reloads bullets immediately :
Now the transporter, when linked, reload immediately the bullets for cannons.

###) Bug fix for ships avoided when sinking :
Little bug fixed, the ships were avoiding other sinking ships.

###) Bug fix for wrong depth of sub after it hits ground :
Thanks to Albisl90 who reported this bug !
There was a bug causing the u-boat to reach a negative depth (above the surface) after hitting ground.
It should be ok now.

V1.31 (2015/04/08) :

###) 3D improvement, now faster and more stable :
I use now some triple buffers for passing data between the game thread and the 3D thread, it works very well now !
The 3D is very stable and faster, units are no more jumping when using “follow” with big time acceleration !

###) Little improvements for AI :
Now enemy units forget their contacts after 4 hours (it was 1/2 hour).
Now enemy merchants send via radio to the enemy warships the positions of their contacts.
These 2 modifications make the game a little more difficult and realistic, because if you attack an enemy merchant then other enemy warships will income near !

###) Little improvements for “Realistic Sensors Accuracy” :
I made some little modifications in the code of the visual and hydrophones instruments.
When the “Realistic Sensors Accuracy” option is enabled, these 2 instruments return a more precise units’distance and bearing.
This helps a bit to guess better where the other units are and where they are going.

INFO: There are still some problems with some old devices.
Some of them have low memory available and others seem to have some problems with the gpu configuration (i.e. Xperia X10).
I am trying to find a solution but it is very hard (I am not able to replicate these problems on my old devices)…

INFO: Other pages on the web site were translated to italian and a friend is helping me with a german translation.
If someone of you knows other languages and wants to help, feel free to send me an email, thanks 🙂