V1.6 (2013/09/13) :

-) Improvement of the Torpedoes Transport approach procedure :
Unfortunately, some problems have been reported with the Torpedoes Transport,
the procedure has been improved and the collisions between submarines
are now temporarily disabled.

-) Added some SOUNDS, others will be added in future 🙂

-) Some bugs fixed.

V1.5 (2013/09/03) :

-) Some bugs fixed.

-) Different units have different sensor radius :
Now different units have different sensor parameters, and the vertical sensor range was added.
It is more easy to escape moving at very slow speed and at a big depth (250m), vice versa if you are moving fast and at low depth is more easy that the enemies will hear you !!

-) Improved units acceleration and steering :
Now units movements are more realistic, and steering radius depends of speed and health.

-) Tonnage sunk added on screen.
It is just an indication on the screen, if you sink enemies the tonnage increases, but if you sink allied or neutral units the tonnage will decrease !!

-) Improved units AI.

-) Faster start of the application.

-) A few days after installation, the license will be checked only once a month :
The license is checked online after the installation and is valid for “n” days or minutes (it depends of Google internal settings), then it will be checked online only once a month (to enable the game to work with the smartphone in airplane mode or when internet is not available)

V1.4 (2013/08/17) :

-) A lot of bugs fixed.

-) Forces in the game more balanced, much more engaging.

-) Information panel more complete.

-) Ships out of range displayed for 4 hours, to follow them from afar.

-) Sensor radius on the map.

-) Units out of range indicated by dashed symbols.

-) Game NOT saved if the submarine is destroyed, to be able to retry the action.

-) Improved AI units.