FAQ (en)

Frequently asked questions :

Q: Where can I download this game ?

A: I distribute this game only via the official Google PlayTM store, it does not contain virus, malware, adware or other bad code and does not collect personal information. The demo version of the game does not require any permission and does not communicate with internet. The full version of the game requires the “Google Play License Verification” permission (it communicates only with the Google servers for the license checking / copy protection) and the “Write External Storage” permission (to permit the backup of saved games).
If you download the game elsewhere (not in the Google Play Store), it is not my game and could include malware !

Q: When the app is bought and launched, it is not possible to start a game, why ?

A: When the app (Full version) is started for the first time, it checks online if it was downloaded from Google PlayTM (license checking, for copy protection); after, it will check one time every 3 months contacting Google servers.
The procedure is well tested and used by a lot of different applications, but in very rare cases there may be problems with Google servers, or network problems.
Fortunately, only 3 failures have been reported in more than 12 months.
If this happens, here are some solutions :

1) Go to Android Settings > Apps > Google Play > select “Force stop”, then “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”.
2) Go to Android Settings > Apps > All > Google Services Framework > select “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”.
3) Go to Android Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Services > select “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache”.
4) Make sure that the primary account on your device is the same account you used to purchase the game, check this via Android Settings > Accounts > Google.
5) Make sure that your system date and time are correct : Android Settings > Date & time > enable “Automatic Date & Time” and “Automatic time zone”.
6) Try signing into https://wallet.google.com/manage to verify that the app is not “refunded” nor “cancelled”.
7) Check if you have other apps installed which can interfere with the standard Google Play Store, try to remove them to prevent conflicts.
If you have installed root utilities for removing licenses from apps, they will cause problems because they emulate the standard Google Play License verification process.
8) Uninstall the game, reboot the device, download and install it from Google Play.
9) Check if Google Play Services is updated, in the Google Play Store.

Q: Long time passes between game updates, this web site is incomplete or not often updated, why ?”

A: I develop this game in my little free time… I have a normal job and often I return at home tired, it is not always easy to sit in front of the Pc and work on the game for other hours 🙁
When possible I try to keep this web site update but always, after each game update, I report immediately the new modifications in the ChangeLog.

Q: I asked for a new feature, but you did not implement it, why ?

A: It could be due to different reasons:
1) Other players asked for new features times ago, I try to give precedence to them.
2) This new feature needs a lot of weeks/months of development/debug.
3) This new feature depends of other feature still under development.
4) This new feature could have a large impact on all players, I must think well if develop it or not; a new feature could be useful for one player, but many other players could be disappointed… not easy !

Q: When this game will be available for iPhone/iPad ?”

A: Often programmers develop their apps using game-engines, this permits them to create code for multiple platform with little effort.
From the beginning I decided to write standard Java code for Android and use only the standard OpenGlES library (yes, I like to reinvent the wheel…).
Now the game sources are so big (more than 40000 lines of code) that probably I will never find the time to insert them into a game-engine or translate them for iPhone/iPad. 🙁

Q: I would like to register to this site, is it possible ?

A: You can visit this site and see all its content without been registered; registration was needed only for writing in the forum.But after years of fake users and robots trying to register and post spam, I disabled the registration for safety reasons.

Q: Is the game still under development ?

A: I want to thank everyone who writes to me and asks when I will continue the development of the game, but a few years ago I changed jobs and unfortunately now I don’t have enough free time to spend at the PC… there are still many things I’d like to add but this would require months of work, it’s really impossible at the moment… I will still release a new version every year, because Google asks to recompile the apps with its updated libraries in order to keep it published on the play store. I hope I can find time in future to add some new improvements too!