V1.24 (2014/12/02) :

#) Emergency fix for Android 5.0 bug in license verification:
Got some bugs reports for problems with Android 5.0 and the license verification.
I don’t have a device with 5.0 for testing, but I found a workaround on the net.
I hope it will fix this bug, many thanks to who sent me the bugs reports !!
If possible please advise me if it works or no (Nexus 4 and 10, with Android 5.0).
Thanks !

#) New option: show/hide info panel dark background.
New option added (in sound/terrain page, I will move it to an other page when possible), for show/hide the dark background below the info panel.

#) Very little improvement for the torpedoes launch window:
The torpedoes course selection window now will remain active when the speed/depth/course buttons are pressed.
The same window remains open when passing from map to terrain, and viceversa.
The windows has been moved a bit below, to get a little free space near the TimeAcc button (to prevent not wanted torp. launchs with tube 2).

V1.23 (2014/12/01) :

DEMO Version :

#) Terrain, 3D-Fly and other things added/removed in the Demo version :
Terrain, 3D-Fly, TimeAcc 512x, colored circles for torpedo launch are now available in the Demo version, for a better evaluation of the game.
Cannon and AA gun bullets were decreased to 25.
All options for realism were disabled.
Batt, health, O2 and torpedoes recharge remain disabled in the Demo.

DEMO and FULL Version :

#) High resolution for terrain on map :
Now the terrain is shown on the map using 250 points (horizontaly).
Since this makes the user interface less responsive on some devices, an option has been added to enable or not this high resolution.
The option is named “Enable HiRes for terrain on map (slow)”, it permits to select between 100 or 250 points.

#) New button to select and show the submarine :
On the lower part of the screen, a new button has been added, to select and center the submarine on the map.
It works in map and 3D mode.

#) Less memory used :
Now the game use less memory, it should stress less the device.

#) Many bugs fixed :
Many bugs fixed, and fixed the wrong synchronization between cpu and gpu, it was causing crashes on some devices !
Some 3D routines were optimized, now it is faster !

#) Upgraded to Android 5.0 Api :
Boh… I think I don’t use features of Android 5.0 , but it’s better to stay updated…

Thanks to all beta testers and to all players sending the bug reports !!!

V1.22 (2014/11/13) :

Periscope view : at periscope depth the sky and the sea floor was visible at same time.
Torpedoes Transport : some bugs was blocking the Transporter in some part of the map, when using the terrain.
A new button has been added in the radio screen for emergency, press it to destroy the Transporter and create a new one, use it in case of problems, when the Transporter is not visible for too much time.

#) Log screen :
Colors were added for messages : WHITE for general messages, GREEN for your U-Boat messages, BLUE for allied units messages, RED for enemies units messages, GRAY for neutral and unidentified units, YELLOW for torpedo explosions or cannon hits, MAGENTA for Torpedoes Transport messages.

#) Time acceleration box :
Colors now indicate when the time acceleration is too big and can cause errors do the game engine.
(it’s only a warning, all is working as before).

#) Other little bugs fixed.