V1.3 (2013/08/04) :

-) Compatible with Android 4.3

-) Added the Torpedoes Transporter, to supply torpedoes, fuel and health to 100% !!! :
This is an other submarine that you can call by pressing the button in the new Radio screen, it is used to supply your torpedoes, your fuel and to repair well your submarine to have health again at 100%.
To call the Torpedoes Transporter (purple rhombus), open the Radio screen and press the button in the center.
You can call it only when you and the transporter are both at surface and it will arrive at the position where you called it, if you change position you have to call it again.
Then the two submarine will link and the supply operation will start automatically.
To stop the supply operation, just move your submarine or go depth.

-) General improvements :
The near allied units will signal their position when your submarine is at surface, and some bugs were fixed.

-) Google Play License Check :
The game will check if it was downloaded from the Google Play Store, to avoid piracy.
This game (the Full version) is distributed only on the Google Play Store, please advise me if you find it on some other site, thanks !

V1.2 (2013/07/23) :

-) Damaged units no more shown in yellow : because if a unit was just identified and was already damaged, it was impossible to know if it was allied, enemy or neutral… now the yellow color is no more used, and it is still possible to know if it is damaged by looking at the informations at the left of the screen, when the unit is selected.

-) Random position of submarine every new game : yes, it was so boring to start always at the middle of screen, at surface and with no speed 🙂
If you don’t see your submarine, try to move the map around, it could be near the map border.

-) Time acceleration extended to 128x : now you can use the 128x time acceleration in the demo version !!

-) Frame Rate indication added on bottom left : to check if the game is too much slow for some smartphones…
A good value is about 10 or more frames / second.

-) Units selection on screen improved : sometime I got crazy trying to select a unit, now it’s better…

-) Bug in new game corrected : boring bug in creating a new game without exiting from the application… now fixed !!

V1.0 (2013/07/20) :

First version released on Google Play 🙂

V0.0 (2013/02/03) :

Start of development !