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Above sea

Below sea, waiting U-Boats

Hi to all !

I am Dimitri Vascotto, the developer of this game 🙂
I live in Trieste, a nice city near Venice in the north-east of Italy.

I don’t know why I love so much submarines, perhaps because when I was a child I had the opportunity to visit a little submarine in our gulf (around 1975-1980 ?)…
I passed a lot of time playing with some submarine simulators (Hunter Killer, Silent Hunter …) and some years ago, when I bought my first smart phone (with Windows Mobile), I searched for a simulator but I didn’t find it…
I am lucky to have a good background in programming (and electronics), so I decided to start an experiment (around 2008 ?), just for personal fun…

Here some screenshots of “688 Mobile Killer V1.0”, the father of “U-Boat Simulator” :

The map
The game log
The game log (2)
The sonar
The dialog for changing speed
The dialog for changing course
The dialog for changing depth
Torpedo launched !

After some years I repeated the same experiment on Android and, following the good advice of some friends, I decided to upload it in the Google Play Store…
I was surprised, the downloads slowly started and the reviews were not so bad 🙂
This encouraged me to continue, and now more and more people are enthusiastic 🙂
The project now is really big (about 40000 rows of code) and a lot of features will be added, so stay tuned, several updates will be released in the next years !!
I am doing this in my little free time, so please be patient if I am not able to implement new features in short time… 😉

I want to thank very much all those people who are encouraging me, who are trying the Demo, who are buying the Full game, who help testing the beta versions and are giving me useful advice !!