V1.12 (2013/11/24) :

Demo version :

-) CONVOYS added :
They were already available in the Full version V1.11, now in Demo V1.12 too.

-) All 14 torpedoes available.
For a better evaluation of the Game !!

-) Fuel at 100%

-) Some bugs fixed.

Demo and Full version :

-) Links at Google+, Twitter and tutorials on YouTube :
New buttons in the Help screen.

-) Icon for xxhdpi screens :
The app icon was missing on new devices.

-) Compatible with Android 4.4

-) New option to keep the Torpedoes Transport near :
With this option enabled, the Torpedoes Transport will always stay near your submarine (at 25 NM).

-) Torpedoes Transport approach improved :
Now when the Torpedoes Transport is coming near, the time acceleration is not always decreased to 4x, but to a value depending of the Frame Rate.
On fast devices the approach is working well at 128x, so the approach procedure is faster and not so boring.

-) Use of BACK key implemented :
Now it is possible to return to the map, to exit the game and to close the app by using the BACK key of the device.
If it works without problems, in the future the “Exit” button (with the door inside) will be removed (more space for future new buttons).

V1.11 (2013/11/04) :

-) CONVOYS added !!!!!!!!
Now convoys are in the game !!
They are groups of commercial ships that move in formation and are protected by warships !
There are a lot of possible formations, from 2 ships to 38 ships !!
Note: in the map there are always 100 ships, in the previous versions of the game there were only “single” ships…
Now in this V1.11 there are still 100 ships, but there are “single” ships and ships organized in convoys.
So in this new V1.11 version it is still possible to continue from a game saved in the previous V1.10, but it will take some times for convoys to appear, because the convoys generator has to wait for some single ships to exit from the map.
If you start a new game, single ships and convoys are generated immediately.
In the old V1.10 there were these units:
20 x Single allied ships +
60 x Single enemy ships +
20 x Single neutral ships =
100 total ships.
Now in this new V1.11 there are these units:
10 x Single allied ships +
20 x Single enemy ships +
10 x Single neutral ships +
20 x Allied ships in convoys +
40 x Enemy ships in convoys =
100 total ships.

-) AI for Torpedoes Transport improved :
Little modification, now the Torpedoes Transport don’t run always away from enemies, if enemies can not detect it.
It checks the enemy radar range before running away, so it will stay more time at surface.
Tip: when I want to call the Torpedoes Transport and it is not available, I enable the option “Pause game when Torpedoes Transport is available” and I let the game run, it will pause when the Torp.Transport will be available and I call it.

-) Some bugs fixed.

V1.10 (2013/10/13) :

-) Vertical range for hydrophones added :
Now, like sonar, the hydrophones have horizontal and vertical range.

-) Probabilities to be detected by enemy sensors added on info panel :
With these new informations it is possible to know the probabilities to be detected by enemies, and it is easier to stay invisible.

-) New LOG screen added :
This is a new screen where all messages are collected and saved, to check what happened during the game.

-) Some bugs fixed.