V1.27 (2015/01/18) :

#) Faster drawing of terrain in the map :
Code optimization, it should fix lags in the map with terrain.

#) Bug fix for drawing of terrain :
It should avoid a crash reported times ago.

#) Options “Info Panel” and “Log” font size joined :
The 2 options were joined into one option.

#) New option for showing always the instruments’ ranges of the u-boat :
When this option is enabled, the instruments’ ranges of the u-boat are always shown, either if it is not selected.
When this option is disabled, its ranges are shown only if it is selected.

#) “Force” replaced with “Team” :
I used a wrong word (“Force”) in the info panel, “team” should be better.

V1.26 (2014/12/23) :

#) Bug fix for a 3D problem with Tegra 2 and 3 gpu :
I am sorry for it !
The previous version fixed the bug with Tegra 4 but introduced a new bug with Tegra 2 and 3 !
These gpus have only a 16 bit depth buffer, I made an error in the selection of the right config.
I hope it will fix the problem, my devices doesn’t support a 16 bit depth buffer, difficult to debug. 🙁

V1.25 (2014/12/22) :

#) Bug fix for a 3D problem with Tegra 4 gpu :
A friend reported these problems on a tablet with this gpu:
black sky in periscope/binoculars/deck view; blu sky with vertical black stripes in Fly view.
I suppose it could be due to a missing setting for the “z-buffer depth” (now I set it explicitly to 24 bit), or due to the “far clipping plane” too near the sky (now I moved it a bit far).

#) In the map the sensor ranges of the submarine are always shown :
Before only the ranges of the selected unit were drawn, now the ranges of the submarine are always drawn.

#) Map starts in terrain mode :
Before the game started always with the map in standard mode and pressing the map button was needed to pass in terrain mode.
Now it starts directly in terrain mode, press the map button to pass in standard mode.
I made this modification for new players, so they can see immediately the terrain.

#) Better buttons for the main screen at startup :
I replaced the 3 buttons “new,load,exit” with new ones, more nice than older ones…