V1.9 (2013/10/06) :

-) New screen added with links to the web site with the instructions, to the Facebook page and to Google Play :
Now with these links it is easier to access to the informations on the web, directly from the game.

-) Helper lines for the torpedoes launch now are longer :
Now with these longer lines (10 miles) it is easier to go at the exact position for the torpedo launch, when the enemy is still far.

-) Game loading and saving improved, now it is 6 times faster :
The old method was very slow on old smartphones because it used the standard Android method to save data (SharedPreferences)…
Now the game is saved in binary format, it is faster and more secure even using the “Back” hardware button to quit the game.
This should fix the “strange” bug I reported some days ago…
And the saved file is little (about 100k bytes).

-) The probability to be detected by enemy radars at periscope depth was lowered.

-) Some bugs fixed.

V1.8 (2013/09/30) :

-) Improved the Torpedoes Transport escape from enemies :
There were problems with the Torpedoes Transport, it was always running away from enemies. Now it is a little better.
Probably some other modifications will be needed in future.

-) Some options added :
# Information panel font size : for decreasing the font size of the panel for the selected unit, it can be useful for big screens to have more space on the map.
# Force always map color dark : for keeping the map always dark as in the night, to preserve battery and relax eyes.

-) Radar range increased for submarines :
Now the submarines radar range is 50 NM, before it was 20NM.

-) Some bugs fixed.

V1.7 (2013/09/18) :

-) A new OPTIONS screen was added, with these selectable options :
# Pause game when a new unit is detected : if disabled, the game doesn’t pause if a new unit is detected.
# Set Time Acc. 1x when a new unit is detected : if disabled, the time acceleration doesn’t change to 1x after a new unit is detected.
# Torpedo Tubes auto reload : to not forget to reload tubes during action.
# Show always instruments ranges : if not enabled, only the instruments ranges of the selected unit are shown.
# Enable sounds : to mute all sounds.

-) RADAR instrument added :
Now submarines and warships have the radar to detect other units on surface.

-) Motor sound added :
The sound of our submarine motor (it is just a simple motor sound, in future I will search for a more realistic sound).
And now all sounds are enabled at any Time Acceleration (before they was disabled with Time Acc. > 16x).

-) Prevent display from turning off added :
Now while playing, the display will remain always on.

-) Some bugs fixed