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    After the recent update to 1.19 I’m now experiencing a force close with no noticeable pattern leading up to the event. Does not save the game on close, just goes to a black screen. Game speeds used during the force close vary between 4x and 512x.

    Game is configured using the Realism options (Expert), sounds enabled, keeping the torpedo transport near, torpedo tubes auto reload, and forcing map color to stay dark.

    Hope this helps,

    Samsung S3 SCH-I535 running Android 4.4.2 Kernel v.3.4.0
    32 Gigs of internal storage, 22 Gigs available

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    Hi Birdman, sorry for late, I see only now your post 🙁
    I apologize for this bug, I am sure at 90% that it is due to the explosions I added in the V1.19 version.
    I received some other reports and bug traces and I fixed this bug in the last V1.20.
    Please advise me if it happens again, thanks !

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