3D (Work in progress update 2)

Hi 🙂

The work goes on with the 3D development and with other modifications in the game, now a year is passed and there are more than 25000 lines of Java code ! 🙂

There is still a lot of work to do, a lot of ships to design in 3D with Blender and a lot of features to add in the game… and sometimes it is difficult to find the free time to go on, I can not be always fast… the results are nice, not perfect, but I want to confirm that the development will go on for a lot of months, probably years, and the game will be better and more funny in future 🙂

I want to thanks all players who are trying the demo, who are buying the full game and who are giving good feedbacks; and a big thanks goes to Sergei G. who is sending me a lot of useful information and technical details, and has a lot of patience waiting me to implements them 😉

If someone likes can join the forum, there are still few users registered but there you can discuss each other about game tips, experiences and ideas, or ask for help and hints.

Ok, I post now some screenshots about what is happening and what will soon be available :

Frigate :

Some colors were added…


Heavy Cruiser :

It is the third ship ready, here some screenshots from Blender :


Here other screenshots from the game :


Sun :

During night :


Sunrise :


The sun (for the moment it’s only a square, but it orbits the heart) :


Light coming from the sun (different direction of the light) :


4 different 3D view :

The button on the right of the lower bar shows the current 3D view type, by pressing it more times will be possible to change the view.

Periscope :


Binoculars (to be completed, see the different icon in the lower bar, near the play button) :


Deck (to be completed) :


Fly (external camera):


3D Fly View :

With this view, it will be possible to view all units on the map from different points of view, to move the view, to orbit around a unit and to follow it :

Rotate mode, to maintain your position and to rotate the view :


Move mode, to move your position on the left/right, back/forth and up/down :


Slide mode, to move your position on the horizontal or vertical plane :


Orbit mode, to move your position around the ship, keeping it always at the center of the screen :


Follow mode, to keep the selected unit at the center of the screen, while the game is running and the ship is moving on the map :


Looking at a convoy :


Depth Charges incoming :


Launch of torpedoes :

A useful improvement, it will be easier to choose the course of torpedoes and to hit the enemies, the circles in the map will change color (green) when all is ready for the launch :

Bad launch (all circles are gray) :


Good launch (some circles are green) :


The torpedo moving towards the enemy :


Second torpedo :


… and when a ship is badly damaged, it sinks into the ocean :



Well, it’s time to prepare other ships now 🙂

Good bye !