UPDATE: due to the violent and insane aggression against Ukraine, this game is no longer distributed in Russia and Belarus.

U-Boat Simulator is a game for AndroidTM set in World War 2, you can control a U-Boat VII-C German submarine, search enemy ships and engage in dangerous battles to sink them with torpedoes. This is not an “arcade” game but a complex and realistic simulator, a bit difficult at the beginning but after a little practice you will enjoy hours and hours of fun. It has options that you can enable to make the game more realistic and difficult, you can look around your submarine with the 3D views, and so on…

In this web site you will find the instructions for this game, several screenshots and a forum where you can post comments, ideas, report bugs, ask for help or add your stories and screenshots !

You can also contact me directly (I am able to write only in italian and english) 🙂

Game requirements :

  • Android : version 2.3 and above.
  • Memory : about 10 MB of free storage space (for the app and for saving the game) and about 30-40 MB of free ram.
  • Screen : at least a resolution of 320×480 pixels (more is better).

The game is made to work with most smartphones and tablets on the market for a couple of years now, is evolving and each update adds new features.

The game is available in 2 versions, Demo and Full :

  • The Demo version is for evaluating the game, it has some little limitations and is free.
  • The Full version is complete, is not free and permits longer games (it is possible to repair/replenish the submarine and reload the previous saved game if the submarine is destroyed).

IMPORTANT : I distribute this game only via the official Google PlayTM store, it does not contain virus, malware, adware or other bad code and does not collect personal information. The demo version of the game does not require any permission and does not communicate with internet. The full version of the game requires the “Google Play License Verification” permission (it communicates only with the Google servers for the license checking / copy protection) and the “Write External Storage” permission (to permit the backup of saved games).
If you download the game elsewhere (not in the Google Play Store), it is not my game and could include malware !

Here you can download the DEMO version (free) :
Get it on Google Play
Here you can download the FULL version (not free):
Get it on Google Play

Social networks pages :
Facebook page
Video tutorials :

Note : The german translation is in preparation, please see HERE (many thanks to Graustreif Brombeerkralle for his help !).
[Die deutsche Übersetzung der Spielanleitung ist in Arbeit, bitte besuche sie HIER (vielen Dank an Graustreif Brombeerkralle für die Übersetzung!).]

Note : Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

Important : I am not always able to keep all the pages of this site updated, but after each new release of the game I update immediately the changelog page, look there for the latest news !


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