Some news

Hi to all šŸ™‚

A lot of time passed from my last post… what to say…. development is going on (and will go on for the next months / years), there are still a lot of features to add, this website needs new pages, etc.etc.

Little summary :

1) Game :

The 3D is available, it’s fairly stable and fast, not perfect, it needs really a lot of other work… I still have to add textures on all units… and I have to think at some simple equations to create a better sea with waves….

The Terrain was added, to simulate a more real world… it makes the game more difficult, because in some zones the sea has low depths and it make difficult to remain undetected by enemies… anĀ idea is, in future, to create a simple editor for the terrain, so everybody will be able to create his preferred world. šŸ™‚

AndĀ the ability to load and save different games was introduced ! It permits to play with different games, or to play and continue the same game on different devices (for example a smartphone and a tablet)… I use “Dropbox” and “Dropsync” to keep my games synchronized between my devices, so I can play with my smartphone when out of home, and continue the same game at home with my tablet…

Now I am thinking at some simple missions… the standard games are saved in binary format, my idea is to create instead the missions as text files, so I could store new missions on this web site and permit everybody to create and share them easily…

An other idea for the future is to allowĀ to controlĀ more submarines at the same time, to performĀ sophisticated attacks against convoys…

I don’t know if this game will be multiplayer in future… I would like, but the big problem to solve is when players want to play with different time-accelerations… at the moment I don’t know how to solve this problem… transform the game as “turn-based” would not be very nice… let’s see in future….

2) Website (this) :

Some new pages were added, and the italian translation was started…Ā I hope to translate it fully to italian in the next months…

And the englishĀ manual can also be downloaded as PDF, you can find itĀ here.

I want to thankĀ Graustreif Brombeerkralle, he started the german translation of this site on Wikia ! šŸ™‚
A big work ! You can see it here !

If someone has free time and wants to contribute with the translation in other languages, it would be really appreciated !
It is not important how, if you prefer you can build your web site in your language and I will put here aĀ link to it, or if you prefer you can send me some translatedĀ pages and I will add them in this site, it’s indifferent. šŸ™‚

Also, my english is not perfect (my language is italian, I learned english at school a lot of years ago)… if someone finds that I used wrong words or wrong phrases, feel free to advise me. šŸ™‚

3) Forums :

You can upload your avatar, a new forum “stories and screenshots” has been added, new users are always welcome, the community is slowly growing. šŸ™‚

4) BetaĀ versions and bug reports :

In these months I started to useĀ beta versions, other playersĀ helped me to intercept some bug on some devices and provided me some useful hints, thanks a lot to all beta testers !!
If someone wants to join the beta testers community, it is here !

And many thanks to all players who send the bug reports when the game (unfortunately) crashes ! It helps me a lot in diagnosing problems !

Well, it’s all for today šŸ™‚
Have fun and stay tuned šŸ˜€