Torpedoes Transport

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Torpedoes Transport :

The Torpedoes Transport is a U-Boat VII-F submarine which can contain within 39 torpedoes and can be called during the game to replenish your submarine at sea, without having to return to a port.
Note: The Torpedoes Transport is not available in the Demo version of the game.
After having called him, it will come near your submarine, will join and will allow you to :

  • Fully charge your torpedoes (5 in the tubes and 9 as reserve).
  • Recharge the fuel tank back to 100%.
  • Completely repair your submarine to regain health to 100%.

How to call the Torpedoes Transport :

The Torpedoes Transport is called with the radio of your submarine, in the bottom of the game screen there is a button to switch to the radio screen :


Pressing it switches to the radio screen :


In the picture above you see the button for the call and the status of Transport (UNKNOWN).

Its status is Unknown because the radio does not work if your submarine and Transporter are not both on the surface, then the button is disabled.

If your submarine rises to the surface (Depth = 0m) and also the Transport is located on the surface, the radio communication works and you can see (image below) that his state is IDLE :


But in order to make the call your submarine must also be stopped (in order to signal its exact location), in the image below you can see that the call button becomes enabled :


Pressing the call button (picture below) the status of the Transporter becomes INCOMING and is also indicated its distance in miles (NM) :


In summary, in order to call the Transport, it is necessary that your submarine is stationary (Speed ​​= 0) and at surface (depth = 0).

If the status of the Transport is still Unknown, it means that the Transport probably is not at surface because it is running away from some enemy ship, in this case you can continue to play and try again after some time.

It is always possible to call the Transport, even if you still have all your torpedoes, even if your health and your fuel are already at the maximum …

At the beginning of each new game the Transport is placed in a random position of the map, if it is destroyed then another Transport reappears on the right edge of the map.
If you call the Transport and then move your submarine, the Transport will come anyway near the location where you have called it, but then it will stop and will wait for a new call.
To call the Transport again, your submarine must be stationary on the surface and at least 0.4 miles (0.4 NM) away from the Transport.

The Transport is often very far from your submarine, it may be convenient to call it occasionally however, so it can be always near during the game.

When the Transport is called, the map shows the 4 points of passage and the point of arrival (picture below):


In the picture below you see the Transport that is close to the first point :


In the image below now the Transport is near, the points where it has already passed disappear from the map :


In the picture below you can see the end of the approach maneuver, the Transport is in position and connected with your submarine :


At this point start automatically refueling up to 100%, the repair of your submarine up to 100% health and, very slowly, the supply of torpedoes (it is better to increase the acceleration of time).

When fueling is completed and you want to break away from the Transport (or if you get some enemy ship !), just move your submarine forward or backward or dive.
Be careful not to bump the Transport during the maneuver, otherwise both submarines will report damage.

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