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      i am in about august 43 and somehow my supply sub managed to cross over one of the islands even though it was set to follow at the 25 mile limit. also I had an enemy scout plane dropping depth charges on me not sure if this was right or not but just thought I would mention it.


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      Hi Phareux, thanks for your message !

      Unfortunately, when the time acceleration in the game is high (i.e. 512x), in almost all devices the cpu is not able to run the code at an adequate speed, between each depth control the units often travel a distance too great and they could cross over islands; I will try to increase some thresholds, I remember from old tests that with too great thresholds the units were not able to pass between near islands, not easy…
      If the supply sub is blocked over an island, I suggest to destroy and recreate it using the button “Replace the U-Boat VII-F torpedoes transport” in the radio screen.

      Yes, the scout planes can drop depth charges, but each scout plane has only 8 bombs. 🙂
      When I meet a scout plane, I lower the periscope and I change my direction, so it deploys its bombs in the wrong place. 🙂

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