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      Hi, love the game. Takes me back to ‘Silent Hunter’ on the Commodore 64. I’ve not played this game it in a while until a couple of days ago. I’ve now noticed that ships disappear at close range. I’m using HTC one X phone. This seems to happen when I speed the game up. They just vanish!

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      Hi Kenny,
      thanks for your post and sorry for my delay in the answer !

      I hope it is not a new bug…
      It could be a normal behaviour of the game, I write here some reasons that can make the ships to disappear from the map :

      #) When a ship is detected continously, it is drawn on the map with a “normal symbol” (a square or a diamond).
      When it is no more detected (i.e. it was detected by your sight and the submarine dives) it is drawn on the map with a “dashed symbol” for 2 hours, after this period the ship disappears.

      #) It could be that a ship is detected and is coming to your position, then your sub dives to remain undetected; the ship (drawn with the dashed symbol) continues with its run on the map, but after a bit it changes its course; the submarine is not detecting the ship so the ship seems coming very close; then you go at periscope depth to attack it and you detect again the ship at its real position, more far, but the zoom of the map is very high and the ship is drawn out of the screen…

      #) The ship is sinking, when it is at 300m it disappears from the map because it is destroyed (in this case you see the “toast” on the screen: “ship destroyed”).

      #) The ship start to sink when it health is <= 25%, but if it is at surface and receives a big damage (its health goes to 0%) it is immediately destroyed (but the toast "ship destroyed" is shown). #) It could happen also that a ship is moving fast, if you change the time acceleration to 512x and the zoom of the map is high, it could dissapear from the screen (in this case try to lower the zoom). #) It could happen that at big time acceleration the ships are not able to avoid the land masses (it is a bug, I still have to fix it), when a ship collides with an island it is destroyed and disappears immediately. I hope it helps a bit, please warn me if it happens again 🙂 Dimitri

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      Thanks for your detailed answer. Much appreciated 😀

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