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      1. UNCONTROLLED ACCELERATION: When zoomed in to 0.02 nm and moving slowly forward, then backward at 1-2 knots, then going to stop or 0, the sub will continue to accelerate unless I dramatically increase speed in the opposite direction. This usually happens when I do this maneuver repeatedly while lining up for an ambush. The first couple of times I do this maneuver it responds normally, but will become uncontrolled by the third time.

      2. CONTROL SCREENS: When changing speed, direction, or depth, the screen doesn’t show the change. However, the changes have been accepted because the subs speed, direction, or depth will reflect the change on the main screen. This problem is probably only with the numbers because the direction pointer will still move to indicate the input. This problem is rare.

      These problems have been experienced on both my phone and tablet.

      Other than these minor issues, I’ve had no problems with the game. You’ve done a great job bringing a sub sim to Android. Thank You very much for your efforts, they are much appreciated.

      *Version 1.16 of U-Boat Simulator.These problems were also experienced in the previous release.
      *Samsung Galaxy S3 w/Android 4.3
      *ASUS TF700T w/CyanogenMod CROMBi-kk 4.4.2-TF700

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      Hi Birdman,
      welcome to the forum and thank you for this report !

      I agree, I hate these 2 boring bugs, I tried to fix them without success some weeks ago…
      The second bug seems to be caused by multiple touches in the “upper bar”, for example if I press one time the “course” button then the “Select new course” window opens and all is ok, but if I touch the “course” button when the window is already opened then the numbers don’t change (but the arrow moves)…

      Thanks a lot for the compliments, I’ll do my best to fix these bugs as soon as possible !

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      Hi Birdman 🙂

      I fixed these bugs, as soon as possible I will release the next V1.17 update !

      Thanks again for your report !

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      New V1.17 released, bugs fixed !
      Have fun 🙂

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