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      List of my wishes:
      1. Optimize game. On my smartphone (Xperia Z1) game slightly heat it and eat battery (like monstrous 3D shooting or rally game). I think, it don’t need so much cores to run. Please, limit using cores by 1 (and FPS by videocard to 24), it’s enough.
      2. Set realistic curve of sonar, hydrophones instead just circle. For instance, crew cannot hear something from propeller when it works.
      3. Damage model with modules. For instance, hitting periscope leads to decrease visual radius. Torpedo hit to aft leads to ship stop.
      4. Fix war ships using depth charges. Now they just go to the last known position and throw depth charges in small circle long time.
      5. AI for ships in group (and later for near allied ship by radio) when one of them meet submarine or attacked by it. They must start maneuver at least.
      6. Enemy ships must change their tack randomly sometimes (it’s enough 1-5 degree) to prevent torpedo hit. Especially when submarine was seen here not long ago.

      Later I will add other wishes 🙂

      And please, set English as default for site and forum in WordPress (registration, form’s buttons and other).

      Thank you!

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      Hi Igor,
      welcome and thanks for your post !!

      I will try to satisfy all your requests as soon as possible 🙂

      Here some answers :

      1. (Optimize heat and battery) :
      In this last V1.16 I made a modification in the code to slow down the screen refresh (about 20 fps), becouse I had problems when playing with high time acceleration (512x) and during 3D tests.
      This should reduce heating and battery usage, but I did not test it, I hope yes 🙂
      To limit the cores to 1 is a good idea, I don’t know how to do it, I will search some information !

      2. (Curve for sensors) :
      Yes, I agree !
      I have to modify the code for all sensors, now it is too simple.
      There is an option (still hidden) to use more realistic accuracy and ranges for sensors, but I did not test it very well, I hope to make it available in short time.

      3. (Damages) +
      4. (Depth charges) +
      5. (Convoy AI) +
      6. (Prevent torpedo hit) :
      I agree with all !!!!!

      For the language of WordPress :
      Oups, my fault, I wrote the web pages in english but I installed WordPress in italian 😉
      Tomorrow I will install the english version of WordPress !

      For the bug in the V1.16:
      I will check in the code, thanks !
      I moved your post in the “Bug” section of the forum, here :

      I would like to have time to write longer answers, I like to receive feedback and advices !
      If you or someone else has other ideas, feel free to write here in this forum !!

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