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    Today I received a new crash report from a Nexus 6 sent from the V1.26, and I found a new bug in a piece of code used to draw the terrain in the map.
    The bug has been fixed and probably tomorrow I will release the V1.27, but I did not understand what caused this problem…
    The Nexus 6 has a display with 2560×1440 pixels, but I was able to reproduce this bug only simulating in the game a resolution of 1440×2560 (portrait mode, not landscape)…
    It is a very strange condition, because the game runs always in landscape mode and in this case the screen width is always bigger than the screen height…
    I modified other pieces of code to prevent strange map coordinates, but I must make other tests to be sure that this doesn’t cause new problems in other devices…
    I don’t know if the game crashes always in all Nexus 6 or randomly in other devices, at the moment I don’t have more information…
    I go on with my tests !
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all captains !!

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